Huh. You found my blog. Most of the background information is located in the About Me page, but I haven’t really described what this blog is going to be. To begin with, this is an eponymous blog. This is really me, this is really who I am. There is a subset of the world population who at least kind of get who I am, how my brain works, and the numerous things I think deeply about. Some of those people have told me it’s a dumb idea to put my actual thoughts out there for the world to see, especially considering that on occasion (including at this particular moment in time), I do apply to regular jobs. I haven’t done any SEO stuff for this particular site, but a quick google of my name would probably result in this page showing up. I understand there is a valid concern there. Employers often Google an interviewee. That makes a lot of sense to me. A big thing in Software Engineering is compatibility with the culture of the team. It might be an excuse of recruiters, but it’s also true. For a team to work well, people have a need to know who they are working with. If mental bandwidth is taken by attempting to get along with a team member you dislike, that is bandwidth that could be used for building a solution that may change the world.


So yeah. I understand that the truths and concepts I talk about here will affect me in real life. I’m okay with this. I usually try to view things in the best light, even though I don’t consider myself abnormally optimistic, and in this case, it makes things better for all parties involved. We’re all human (for now). So let’s get to it.

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